Business details

Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation was founded in 1967 as a company processing waste oil from ships. The Company belongs to the Tsuneishi Group, which has a history of over 100 years and is one of the largest shipbuilding and marine transportation-related company groups in the world.
Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation has grown into one of the largest environmental business companies in Japan through the enhancement of industrial waste disposal-related technologies and facilities, numerous accomplishments, and cooperation with group companies. Today, our stable and promising business stance has been highly evaluated and gained the trust of many customers.
As a general environmental business company, Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation has conducted various environmental operations mainly concerning industrial waste, together with our related companies, throughout Japan and in some countries overseas.

10 features of Tsuneishi Kamtecs
  • 1Realizing a one-stop service within the Group for consultation on soil pollution surveys, etc., collection and transportation, treatment, recycling and final disposal of industrial waste
  • 2The industry's largest receiving system and proper processing with facilities capable of treating various kinds of waste
  • 3Most effective use of waste through thermal recycling
  • 4Material recycling
  • 5Secure gas treatment facilities for dioxins and receiving of waste and contaminated soil
  • 6Processing contaminated soil (contaminated soil processing business license acquired)
  • 7One of the few companies that can detoxify waste asbestos (certified by the minister)
  • 8Secure consistent processing system with the final disposal site on the premises (Fukuyama Factory)
  • 9Thorough marine pollution prevention through excellent processing technology for ship waste oil
  • 10ISO14001 acquired, which proves the quality and reliability of the company (Fukuyama Factory)