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TSUNEISHI KAMTECS conducts mainly the business of handling industrial waste and disposing of general waste, while earnestly engaging in recycling efforts such as waste power generation, recovered oil manufacturing, and collection of non-ferrous materials to contribute to preserving the global environment and developing a sustainable society.

We are also actively developing our technologies to broaden our business range of waste disposal as the various wastes are constantly changing due to advances in science and technology.

TSUNEISHI KAMTECS was founded in 1967 and started the business to process waste oil from ships, triggered by the enactment of the Marine Pollution Control Law. We have developed and grown in alignment with the progress of environmental measures in Japan, and we have challenged a variety of the latest environmental technologies and put them into practical use. In recent years, we have driven digital transformation, such as IoT-based monitoring systems, the introduction of RPA, and the implementation of IT-based business models and organizational reforms.

Our current activities integrate the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into our business objectives, and we are committed to reducing the environmental burden and building a recycling-oriented society (circular economy). We also value dialogues with all our stakeholders to deepen mutual understanding while creating new value that our company can uniquely provide.

Tomonari Soga, President