Geographical and historical/soil surveys

Soil pollution investigation and countermeasures are mandated by law not only for the purpose of health protection but also for the necessity for companies and individuals to avoid any risk of polluting the soil.
Tsuneishi Kamtecs can provide comprehensive services from investigation to processing.
Here, geographical and historical/soil surveys are described.

On what occasions are the surveys required?

  • When land is sold for relocation of an operation site
  • When a purchaser of a site requires the surveys, when a lender requires the surveys before leased land is returned, etc.
  • When use of a specified facility is abolished <Article 3: Investigation of Land Used as a Site for a Plant or Workplace of a Defunct Specified Facility which used Hazardous Substances>
  • When changes to the form of land with an area exceeding a certain size are made at the start of construction <Article 4: Investigation in the Case of Changes to the Form or Nature of Land Threatened by Soil Contamination>

Flow of soil pollution investigation

1. Geographical and historical surveys
Investigation on possibility of soil pollution
Investigation of documentary materials Investigating the land use history with available materials.
Hearing survey Conducting hearings with operators and land owners to understand present and past land use.
Field survey Inspecting and recording the state of land use (visual inspection and recording of the present state of land use)
Soil pollution risk assessment Comprehensively assessing the risk of soil pollution based on the results of documentary material investigation, hearing survey and field survey.

2. Soil pollution/status investigation
Assessment on soil pollution
Planning Identifying substances to be investigated based on the results of geographical and historical surveys, setting the investigation section, identifying the investigation position and depth, sampling and selecting an analysis organization
Investigation of surface layer Depending on kinds of specified hazardous substances, soil gas investigation and surface layer investigation (0 to 50 cm) are conducted. If the result does not satisfy the designated criteria, a narrowing-down and a depth investigation are conducted.
Depth investigation Basically, if the result of the surface layer investigation does not satisfy the criteria, a depth investigation is conducted (boring, groundwater quality survey, narrowing-down investigation).
Identification of polluted area Identifying the polluted area in the planar direction, identifying the polluted area in the depth direction

3. Countermeasures
Soil pollution countermeasures

For the soil pollution identified based on the result of the soil pollution investigation, we make a study of the specified harmful pollution substances and the pollution state and prepare a plan for countermeasure work.
Our affiliated companies have the expertise to conduct the land work, and then our group company or a soil pollution treatment company conducts treatment of polluted soil.

Checking the recovery effect

Using an observation well, etc., set up by in the land work, groundwater analysis is conducted.

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