Frequently Asked Questions


We don't know whether or not our waste comes under industrial waste...
Please consult with us. We ask you about
(1) what kinds of waste you want to dispose of, and (2) in what kinds of processes the waste is produced.
We want to dispose of the waste as soon as possible. Will you come and collect it?
The collection procedure is stipulated by law. Before collecting your waste, we need to conclude a consignment contract. To properly dispose of the waste, we will check the contents in advance and then conclude a consignment contract. After that, we will issue a manifest. So, first, please contact us as soon as possible.
Application flow
What is a manifest?
It is a document designated by law for checking whether waste is properly disposed of. An industrial waste disposer must issue it.
For the detailed procedure, please feel free to ask us.
We want to dispose of XX. Can Tsuneishi Kamtecs handle it?
The Tsuneishi Kamtecs Group, as a whole, can handle almost all waste.
See the pages for "Handling items" and "Licenses and permits/Information disclosure" or contact us.
Handling items
Licenses and permits/Information disclosure
Do you come and collect our waste? May we carry waste directly to your site?
Either is possible.
Tsuneishi Kamtecs has a collection and transportation license for the areas from Tohoku to Kyushu and we can come and collect your waste.
In either case, prior contract and adjustment of schedules are needed. Be sure to consult us in advance.
Collection- and transportation-permitted areas MAP
How much is the disposal cost? We want it to be made as low as possible.
It depends on the state of the waste. We will individually make an estimate.
"Waste sorted by kind" tends to be disposed of at a lower cost.
It has not been determined yet that it comes under industrial waste, but concerning the land whose soil may be contaminated, what should we do first?
We can treat contaminated soil. Before treatment, we conduct geographical and historical surveys and a land pollution investigation. We will begin with consulting to provide our services.
We want to promote the use of recycled goods. What kinds of recycled goods are available?
Major recycled goods are listed below. We have other recycled goods. Please contact us.
Molten slag "Melissa," artificial sand "A.R.C. Sand," recovered oil, waste fuel RPF, interlocking blocks, fertilizer, tire chips, etc.
Recycling efforts
Is it possible for us to visit your factory to observe how waste is treated?
Yes, you can have an observation tour of some of our facilities. If you desire, please contact us.