Business details – Tsuneishi's general environmental business

Our Group comprehensively conducts processing of various industrial waste on a nationwide scale.

We, as a general environmental business company, collectively conduct the consecutive operations of collection and transportation, processing, recycling and final disposal of industrial waste and provide services such as soil analysis, general environmental consulting and environmental analysis.

Tsuneishi Kamtecs can provide comprehensive services from material survey to processing

The destruction of the natural environment by past industrial activities has become a big environmental issue and the regeneration of contaminated soil is a major environmental challenge to be solved immediately to aid the use of groundwater and land. In order to solve these problems, not only technological capabilities but also various consulting operations on regulatory actions, local community's consensus, and so forth, are involved. Each company of our Group uses its own expertise and know-how to provide services such as consulting on soil or groundwater environmental purification and global environment symbiosis or restoration business, support of related evaluation and environmental standard acquisition and land transaction support.

  • Soil survey, soil gas survey
  • Sampling and quantitative analysis
  • Boring survey and groundwater analysis
  • Surrounding environment evaluation, soil pollution and groundwater pollution countermeasure planning
  • Excavation and removal, in-situ purification, soil covering, paving

Collection and transportation operations

According to customers' needs and waste properties, we conduct collection and transportation of waste in a safer and more efficient manner.

  • 10-ton dump car (special vehicle)
  • Vacuum lorry
  • Flat body truck
  • Sludge suction and discharge vehicle (special vehicle)
  • Crane flat body truck (special vehicle), etc.

Intermediate processing operation

With the aim of preventing environmental pollution and establishing a recycling society, we have the processing facilities for a variety of waste that have the industry's largest receiving capacity.

We produce recovered oil by processing ship waste oil and various recycled goods such as fuel and construction/civil engineering materials, energy, etc., from waste.

  • Manufacturing construction materials using molten slag (Melissa)
  • Recycling waste tires
  • Producing artificial sand from cinder or fly ash
  • Manufacturing bioplastics using artificial sand
  • Using waste plastic, wood chips or waste paper as regenerated fuel
  • Manufacturing fertilizer by food recycling

Power generation operation

Photovoltaic power generation capability: About 480 kW/day

Waste power generation capability: 4,950 kWh

Renewable energy efforts through waste power generation and use of solar energy