Business details – Introduction to factories

Environmental Engineering Center
Environmental measurement certification business / undertaking various analyses for building, drinking water, etc.

Tsuneishi Kamtecs operates the Environmental Engineering Center that deals with the environmental measurement certification business such as water quality analysis, soil/waste analysis and process control measurement. Based on our wide-ranging achievements and advanced measuring technologies in directly dealing with waste disposal, we also operate a consulting business on water treatment technology and waste disposal. With the aim of establishing a human- and earth-friendly material-cycle company, we will keep seeking possibilities from various viewpoints in the future.

Waste to be processed - Measurement certification business: Environmental water quality analysis, wastewater analysis, soil environment analysis, sediment analysis
- Building and potable water analysis
- Industrial waste analysis, flashing point test, etc.
Outline of major analysis devices Spectrophotometer
ICP emission analysis device
ICP mass spectrometry
Gas chromatograph (FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD)
Head space sampler
Gas chromatograph mass analysis device
Purge & trap condensing device
Ion chromatography (anion/cation)
High performance liquid chromatography
Total organic carbon analysis device
Reduced evaporated mercury measuring device
Heated evaporated mercury measuring device
Fourier transform infrared spectroscope
Fully automatic calorimeter
Flash point analyzer
Fluorescent X-ray analysis device