Application flow

Application flow - The flow from consultation to treatment/disposal will be explained.

Check the handling items.
First, check whether the item you want to dispose of is listed in the handling items.

Contact us.
Contact us by phone or by the inquiry form on this site. If it is possible to submit a sample of your waste, please send us the sample together with the check sheet.

Give us details about the waste.
A person in charge from Tsuneishi Kamtecs will check and investigate the waste and make an estimate.


After you approve our estimate, we will adjust the receiving date.
When the receiving schedule is determined, we will come and collect your waste.
At that time, the manifest (form) required in treatment/disposal will be issued.

Return of the manifest and billing
After the treatment/disposal is finished, we will return the manifest to you and the procedure is complete.
* What is the manifest?


Tsuneishi Kamtecs properly and safely processes collected industrial waste using a method by which the environmental load is minimized.