Handling items

We can accept any volume of waste, even a small lot of generated matter or only one reagent bottle. Please consult with us.

Plastics (waste plastics)

All kinds of plastics generated from various situations in the automobile industry, various manufacturing industries, construction sites, etc.
Waste plastics have different chlorine contents and are soft or hard plastics. Waste plastics are not only used in thermal recycling (power generation) by incinerators but are also recycled as RPF (Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel).

Wood, wood chips (waste wood)

All wood waste such as scrap wood generated from demolition sites and wood chips from packaging materials. They are not only used in thermal recycling (power generation) by incinerators but are also recycled as RPF (refuse paper and plastic fuel).

Paint, ink, oil (waste paint, waste ink, waste oil)

Used in or discharged from various manufacturing processes, printing and machines. Various types of packing such as drums, bales, 18-liter cans and pallet loading can be accepted.
Sealed drums, etc., can be processed. Therefore, dangerous matter and hazardous matter can be treated safely.

Acid/alkali solution (waste acid/waste alkali)

Acid and alkali solution discharged from the semiconductor manufacturing process, chemical plants, research and experiment facilities, etc. Waste such as reagents used in laboratories, medical organizations, educational organizations, etc., are also included. * Excluding infectious waste.

Spray cans, lighters, etc.

Various spray cans and lighters and those whose contents are also sorted as waste oil.

Asbestos that is generated from building demolition sites.
The method of processing waste asbestos is stipulated by law.
Our Fukuyama Factory is one of the few plants certified by the minister for detoxification of asbestos.

Food residues

Sewage sludge and food residues (garbage) discharged from food manufacturing processes are recycled as fertilizer by fermentation of organic compounds.

General waste incineration ash

General waste is collected and incinerated by municipalities, and we accept generated incineration ash and recycle it as artificial sand by calcination and processing.


Tsuneishi Kamtecs Group can accept not only the above listed items but also almost all waste and process and recycle them.