Business details – Introduction to factories

Fukuyama Factory
Industrial waste disposal facility

  • Undertaking the processing of industrial waste generated in wide-scale areas mainly from North Kanto to Kyushu.
  • Undertaking the processing of industrial waste generated in wide-scale areas mainly from North Kanto to Kyushu.
  • Recycling molten slag (= Melissa) detoxified by incineration and melting treatment and used as civil engineering/construction materials.
  • "Melissa" is registered as a recycled product promoted by Hiroshima Prefecture.
  • Asbestos detoxification facility certified by Ministry of the Environment
  • There are only two certified asbestos detoxification facilities in Japan (as of December 2015)
  • Thermal energy generated during incineration is collected as steam, which is used in private power generation as fuel for the factory (4,950 kW at max).
  • At the Environmental Engineering Center, the advanced analysis of water quality, soil and waste is conducted.

The Fukuyama Factory has the highest-level of throughput in Japan, with the solid incinerator processing 340 tons a day, the melting furnace processing 120 tons, and the liquid incinerator processing 160 tons. The incineration plant has an area of 30,600m2 and the storage plant has an area of 36,800m2. In addition, the waste liquid treatment facility and the waste tire processing facility, which do not require incineration, are well equipped. Furthermore, adjacent to the site, the factory owns a control type final disposal site of 115,800m2 for its exclusive use. Safe, proper and efficient operations for collection and transportation, intermediate treatment and final disposal can be consistently conducted. In addition, one of the significant advantages of the Fukuyama Factory is that waste can be carried in by ship.

Name of business
Waste disposal/recycling business
Kinds of facilities
Industrial waste incineration/melting, incineration facility, waste asbestos detoxification facility, contaminated soil treatment facility,
waste liquid neutralization/distillation/RO membrane treatment facility, waste tire processing facility
Facility capability
Total throughput: 500 tons/day (melting capacity: 120 tons/day)
Drum crushing facility
480 drums/day
Waste power generation (use of exhaust heat) capacity: 4,950 kW, use of molten slag as civil engineering material, conversion of waste tires into chip fuel

Material recycling

Waste to be processed - Industrial waste
<Incineration> sludge, waste oil, waste acid, waste alkali
<Incineration/melting> cinder, sludge, waste oil, waste acid, waste alkali, waste plastics, waste paper, wood chips, fiber waste, animal and plant residues, waste animal-solidified, waste rubber, waste metal, waste glass, concrete waste and waste ceramics, slag, rubble, soot and dust, industrial waste processing products, imported waste
<Melting> cinder, soot and dust
<Neutralization/RO treatment> waste acid, waste alkali
<Crushing> waste tires (converted into chips)
- Specially controlled industrial waste
<Incineration> waste oil, waste acid, waste alkali, sludge, etc.
<Incineration/melting>waste oil, waste acid, waste alkali, sludge, cinder, soot and dust
<Melting> cinder, soot and dust
- Waste asbestos/contaminated soil
Outline of processing facilities Solid incinerator type: Revolving stoker furnace/Incineration capability: 340 tons/24h (170 tons/24h x 2 units)
Melting furnace type: Internal melting furnace/Melting capacity: 120 tons/24h (60 tons/24h x 2 unis)
Waste liquid incinerator type: In-liquid incinerator/Incineration capacity: 160 tons/24h
Generator type: Steam turbine generator 4,950 kW x 1 unit
Drum crushing system: Low oxygen spraying crusher/Crushing capacity: 96 tons/24h x 1 set
Waste liquid neutralization/RO treatment
 Waste acid storage tank: 30m3 x 6 units
 Waste alkali storage tank: 30m3 x 3 units
 High concentration COD waste liquid tank: 30m3 x 1 unit
 Consecutive reaction layer: 200m3/day
 Batch reaction layer: 80m3/day
 RO membrane treatment unit: 240m3/day
Tire crushing facility
Outline of pre-processing facilities Bulky waste crusher type: 2-spindle shearing type/Crushing capacity: 200 kW x 1 unit
Crusher type: 2-spindle shearing type/Crushing capacity: 110 kW x 1 unit
Outline of receiving facilities Facility receiving type: Indoor pit storage type/Storage capacity: 7,000m3
Tank receiving type: Cone roof-type anti-corrosion tank/Storage capacity: 11,000 kl
Outline of final disposal site Disposal type: Control type/Capacity: 685,000m3
Pier docking facility 300 DWT, 3,000 DWT