Business details – Introduction to factories

Tsuneishi Factory
Business approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ship waste oil treatment facility/industrial waste processing facility

The Tsuneishi Factory is located in the premises of Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. fronting on to the Seto Inland Sea, which, in such a favorable environment, is exposed to less wind and waves. The site, with an area of about 10,000m2, is fully equipped with 9 waste oil receiving tanks for prevention of marine pollution (maximum storage amount: about 7,600m3), an oil and water separation facility (throughput: 60 tons/h), a centrifuge, a warm seawater washing facility, and facilities such as piers that allow 5,000 D/W ships to come alongside. Cleaning of ship tanks and waste oil treatment/recycling are conducted.

Waste to be processed - Ship waste oil: slops, tank washing water, bilge, ballast, sludge, chemical washing water
- Industrial waste/waste oil
- Specially controlled industrial waste/flammable waste oil
Outline of processing facilities Receiving tank, cone roof type: 2,500 m3 x 2
Collecting tank, cone roof type: 490 m3
TPI oil and water separator: 30 m3/h x 2
Pressurized floatation separation tank: 60 m3/h
Pamarg filtration tank: 60 m3/h x 2
Wastewater bond: 100m3
CoD meter: Manufactured by DKK-TOA Corporation
Nitrogen, phosphorus measuring apparatus: Manufactured by DKK-TOA Corporation
Drain bond
Centrifuge: 8 tons/h x 2
Detergent oil tank, cone roof type: 300 m3
C heavy oil tank, cone roof type: 490 m3 x 2
Waste oil tank, cone roof type: 200 m3
Machine oil receiving tank: 15 m3 x 2
Machine oil receiving tank, cone roof type: 300 m3
Machine oil separation tank: 25 m3 x 2
Detergent machine oil tank, cone roof type: 300 m3
Chemical washing water receiving tank: 36.18 m2
Boiler facility: 2 tons/h x 10
Butterworth device: 60 tons/h
Power receiving and transforming room
Lorry receiving and shipping facility
Fire extinguishing equipment
Pier docking facility 5,000 DWT