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We are working on implementing thermal
which generates electricity from
the heat energy
generated during waste
incineration. In addition to
securing the
necessary electricity by generating 4,950
in-house, we sell surplus electricity to reduce

We reuse as much of the collected waste as
and manufacture and sell recycled
products. By
effectively utilizing these
products as materials, fuel, or
fertilizers, we
are able to contribute to the establishment
sustainable consumption patterns.

We promote the use of sustainable, non-
fossil energy
sources and have installed
many solar panels at our
group companies’
facilities. One such power generation
is located in Kurashiki City’s Mizushima
This facility has contributed to
reducing crude oil
consumption by 450
kiloliters per year and 1,000 tons
worth of
CO₂ emissions.

*Using emission factors based on the 2021 Law
Concerning Global
Warming Countermeasures
announced by electric power companies

The Saitama Plant uses “carbon neutral gas”
for all its
natural gas use and strives to
reduce its environmental
impact while
building a recycling-oriented society.

The Saitama Plant uses “carbon neutral gas”
for all its
natural gas use and strives to
reduce its environmental
impact while
building a recycling-oriented society.

Carbon neutral gas
It is a type of gas that employs carbon credits
certified by
reputable certification organizations for
CO₂ emission
reductions in forest conservation
projects around the world.
The carbon credits offset
greenhouse gases generated in all
processes from
natural gas extraction to combustion.

Freight transportation conducted by trucks
and other
means is encouraged to embrace
less environmentally
harmful methods.
aims to reduce transportation CO₂ emissions
by promoting industry-wide business
partnerships and
streamlining freight

In 2013, we established a local subsidiary in
The subsidiary works on designing,
constructing, and
maintaining wastewater
treatment plants. The plants
make efficient
use of limited water resources by
treated water to rivers or reusing it as water
cleaning the plant.

We support the sustained activities of
disabled artists
partnered with “Arigatou
Farm” in Okayama City, a Type
A business
that provides continuous employment
assistance to support the sustained activities
disabled artists. Fukuyama Plant’s fence is
with art sheets to help them
become financially self-
sufficient through
licensing fees.

We hold community cleanup activities several times a
year. These efforts focus on public roads around the
plant, collecting trash, mowing grass, and cleaning
gutters to keep the surrounding environment well-
maintained and beautiful. We also engage in group-
organized beach cleanups.

Upon the request of the Hiroshima Red Cross
Center, we participate in the annual
blood drive. Each
employee’s willingness to
cooperate is a precious gift
that helps save
the lives of those needing blood

We actively participate in local festivities by
communities around our Fukuyama and
Saitama Plants.
In Fukuyama, we sponsor
various events, such as
fireworks exhibitions.
While in Saitama, our employees
don armor
at the Yorii Hojo Festival to liven up the

As waste management companies, we must
take the
utmost care to ensure the proper
processing of
industrial waste, or else risk
bringing harm to our
customers. We are
committed to meeting the trust and
expectations of our customers by
hazardous wastes and
appropriately treating them
according to their

From the waste we receive, we manufacture
products as artificial sand “Arc Sand",
molten slag
“Melissa", solid fuel “RPF", and
"fertilizer" at our group
companies, as well as
fuel and raw materials for cement
plants. We
are dedicated to recycling resources for our

We promote industry-academia partnerships
to develop
innovative technologies that
address society’s growing
needs, such as
waste recycling, processing methods
minimal environmental impact,
and other environmentally
friendly technologies that
enhance the value
of recycled products.

In addition to our strict adherence to laws
and policies
on waste materials, we are
implementing various
initiatives such as in-
house training, periodic testing, and
compliance meetings to ensure rigorous
fulfillment and
raise awareness of regulatory

We launched the” Koufukudo” (Happiness)
initiative in
2016 to improve employee job
satisfaction. We hold
workshops, training
seminars, and 1-on-1 sessions with
instructors to foster the internal adoption of

Once a year, we conduct an employee survey
to improve
the systems we have in place for
employee motivation
and support. We also
encourage flexible work styles
measures offered only at our company, such
hours-based compensation and the
opening of daycare
centers to provide spot
childcare during extended
school vacations.

We also adhere to regulatory compliance
through our “Safety First” policy.
Through routine
pointing and calling, setting
quarterly safety goals, and
annual emergency
lifesaving and firefighting drills, we
aim to
improve safety awareness, knowledge,
techniques, and skills.

We offer a wide range of development
including skill enhancement
training, correspondence
courses, and
certification examination fee subsidies.
These programs provide employees with
for further growth and career
development and help
every employee’s

We at TSUNEISHI KAMTECS are committed
protecting the health of our employees and
creating an
environment where they can
enjoy a long and productive
career. An
example of this is our implementation of a
health app that visualizes the health
condition of our
employees. We also provide
support for employees to
receive medical
treatment and return to work free of any
economic stress in the unlikely event that
they are
diagnosed with cancer or other
serious illnesses.